The policy is passed by the Student Government Group and Association Counseling Commission on Spring Semester, March 30, 2011.

  1. The Room is basically open for the University’s students, faculty, employees and staff to reserve only.
  2. The Room can only be used individually, and cannot be used as a classroom to receive a lesson from off-campus instructors.
  3. In order to make a reservation, the applicant must enroll a day before the reservation date and complete the enrollment procedures. While using the Room, please insert your student ID card (or faculty/employee ID card) in the transparent plate outside the door for the staff to check. After finishing using the room, you may retrieve your ID card.
  4. The reserved room can only be used by the enrollee.
  5. Each person can only reserve for two periods of time at a time. If you want to continue to use the room after time reserved passes, you may continue to reserve for the next period of time if no one else makes a reservation.
  6. Please use the room within the period of time you reserved.
  7. For the sake of next user’s rights, please keep the Piano Room clean in order to maintain the piano’s durability and long life. Except for drinking water, foods and beverages are not allowed in the Room.
  8. The students who use their ID card to exchange in keys to the Room do not have to insert their cards on the door.
  9. The policy will be effective on the date of being issued after it’s passed by Student Counseling Commission.