The policy is passed by the Student Government Group and Association Counseling Commission on Spring Semester, March 30, 2011.

  1. Students have the priority to apply to reserve the Piano Room although it’s open for reservation for all the University’s faculty, employees and staff.
  2. The Piano Room can only be reserved by making an appointment to enroll every semester, but not open for drop-in reservation. The open hours for reservation and related procedures would be announced on the Center’s website.
  3. The reserved Room must be used by the enrollee and cannot be transferred.
  4. The user can exchange with your ID card for the key to the Room from the SAC No. 1 Office. After finishing using the room, please lock the door and return the key in exchange your ID card back.
  5. For the sake of next user’s rights, please keep the Piano Room clean in order to maintain the piano’s durability and long life.
  6. The enrollee can neither transfer the reservation to others, nor use the room to receive a lesson from off-campus instructors. S/he cannot also make a copy of the Room key. The violator will lose her/his rights to reserve the room.
  7. The policy will be effective on the date of being issued after it’s passed by Student Counseling Commission.