Policy passed for the 2228th time by the Executive Council on January 15, 2002

1. The Cafeteria and Campus Store Supervision Section is established according to the University’s Policy on dietary health and safety management in order to enhance the quality of the foods provided in the Student Activity Center and the dietary health and safety for students and teachers.

2. The Section is responsible to supervise the contractors of Student Activity Center Cafeteria and campus stores, dietary health and safety management, and related business.

3. The Section is consisted of dean of Student Affairs, head of Student Activity Center Management Section, contractor of Construction and Maintenance Division, the person in charge of the Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center, Health Care and Medical Center, head of the Division of Property Management, representatives of Teachers Association and Employee Association, Student Union, student Congress, representatives and committees from Graduate Student Association and Student Association Office.

4. The dean of Student Affairs is served as the Section’s convener, and the head of Student Activity Center Management Section is served as the Executive Secretary.

5. The policy and its revision are implemented upon being issued and passed by the Executive Council.