Manual for Diploma Conferment Representatives, Class of 2018
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※Because of the importance of the role as the Representative in the graduation ceremony, to maintain the quality of the ceremony and in respect of the president and teachers, please attend the full ceremony and follow the rules of roll call and quality maintenance for photo and video shooting. Also, please be arrived and seated by 8:15AM on the day of ceremony for the roll call.

A. Rehearsal:

  1. Date:8th June (Friday) at the seats in front of the stage on the third floor of NTU arena. Please be attended on your own behalf.

  2. Time:

     Bachelor representative 14:00~15:00 (check in at 13:40)

     Master representative 15:00~16:00 (check in at 14:40)

     PhD representative 16:00~17:00 (check in at 15:40)

  3. Notes:

     I. All representatives are kindly requested to take your seat with your name on it. Please inform our staff immediately if there is any mistake on your name tag.

     II. Content of rehearsal:

       i、 watching video of the last year’s graduation ceremony

       ii、 going up on stage to rehearse turning the tassel, receiving certificates, taking photographs, movements

       iii、 as well as making important announcements

       III. Academic dress and caps are not needed in the rehearsal.

B. Graduation Ceremony:

  1. Time:10th June (Sunday). Be arrived and seated by 8:15AM for the roll call. (Representatives DO NOT attend the Graduation March.)

  2. Please be arrived in the ceremony on time so as not to affect your rights going up on stage and the overall progress of the ceremony. The ceremony will start at 8:40AM. Those who are not arrived by the time will be seen as given up the qualification as a representative.

  3. Please dress formally and with your academic dress with tassel put on the right side in the ceremony. (Academic dress are NOT provided on-site, dresses are available for rent from the Property Management Division, Office of General Affairs, more info. at: )

  4. Notes: One who looks disheveled is not allowed to go on stage.

     I. Dress Code: Academic dress worn on the outside

       Men: white shirt (pair it with a tie is even better), dark suit pants, dark leather shoes

       Women: suit, dress or pantsuit, leather shoes

       ※shorts, jeans, sandals, sneakers, and slippers are forbidden.

     II. Corsage worn on your left chest (Please get the corsage at your department office.)

     III. Tassel put on the right side (Please check if the hook on your mortarboard is stable. Do not press it so hard for the convenience of the Dean turning the tassel.)

     IV. In order to guarantee the accuracy of the ceremony, please pay attention and adhere to the order guided by the staff.

     V. After going up on stage, stand on the spot before the Dean and bow  The Dean turns the tassel  bow to the Dean in gratitude  go to the spot next to the president  hold the certificate tube together with the president, face to the photographer and smile  shake hands with president and leave the stage

     VI. Relaxed and keep smiling

     ※Please visit the website for the ceremony in the past years. ( NTU Commencement or NTU Knowledge Archive Network )

C. On the ceremony day, there will be photographers taking pictures of the representatives. Photos will be sent by email at the end of June. Besides, the whole ceremony will be video recorded. It will be available online for watching or downloading later.

D. Organizer of the graduation ceremony: Student Activity Center Administration Division, Office of Student Affairs

  Case Officer: Lisa Dai (Tel: 02-33665596; E-Mail:
※If you CANNOT attend the rehearsal or the graduation ceremony, please inform Lisa Dai by both phone(02-33665596) and email( before 6th June (Wednesday).